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MANA Fall Symposium 2022:
We are what we eat: Metabolomics leading the way for nutrition research

Oliver Fiehn WCMC
Determining food and dietary intake by objective methods Lars Dragsted University of Copenhagen
Nutritional metabolomics and the study of dietary patterns in clinical and epidemiological studies Cristina Andres Lacueva University of Barcelona
Advances in glycomics - the marriage of proteomics and metabolomics Carlito Lebrilla UC Davis
The exposome in precision medicine and precision nutrition Susan Sumner University of North Carolina
The precision nutrition clinical trials at UC Davis Francene Steinberg UC Davis
Standardizing metabolomics and lipidomics platforms for the analysis of food composition Steven Watkins Periodic Table of Foods Initiative

MANA Summer Symposium 2021:
Novel analytical strategies for scoring confidence in compound annotation

Oliver Fiehn  WCMC
Utilizing Multidimensional Measurements for Rapid and Confident Omic Analyses Erin Baker  North Carolina State University
Identifying Exposome Chemicals: Measured Data, Metadata, Metabolism and More Emma Schymanski University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg
High confidence structure annotation for tandem mass spectrometry data with SIRIUS Kai Dührkop University of Jena
The integrity of MS1 and MS/MS for improved confidence in metabolite annotation Joanna Godzien University of Bilastystok
Metabolome resolving dimensions: resolution, capacity, and orthogonality Corey Broeckling Colorado State University
Developing Software for Building the Tandem Mass Spectral Libraries of Small Molecules and Peptides  Xiaoyu (Sara) Yang NIST
Multi-dimensional mass spectrometry measurements and standards-free compound identification: the good, the bad, and the ugly Thomas Metz PNNL

MANA Summer Symposium 2020 :
Biological and computational interpretation of metabolomic datasets

  WCMC / UC Davis
Moving metabolomcs into the clinic David Wishart U Edmonton, Alberta
Multi-omics network signatures of complex disease Jan Krumsiek Weil Cornell Medicine
Integrating metabolomicsand genomics data to understand metabolism of complex biological systems  Christopher Henry Argonne National Lab
Interpreting the Lipidome - approaches to embrace the complexity Jennifer Kyle Pacific Northwest Nat'l. Lab
Metabolomics in monitoring health and disease across thousands of people using longitudinal deep phenotyping Nathan Price Inst.Systems Biol., Seattle
Using Machine Learning to advance metabolomics analysis (3 weeks embargoed for publication) Soha Hassoun Tufts U
Towards a systems level understanding of microbial metabolism Daniel Amador-Noguez U Wisconsin

MANA Summer Symposium 2019 :
Quantum Chemistry and Computional Methods for Compound Identification

  WCMC/ UC Davis
Quantum chemistry prediction of NMR and EI mass spectra  Stefan Grimme  Univeristy of Bonn
Cheminformatics tools for enabling metabolomics Yannick D. Feunang Corteva Agriscience
ISiCLE ion mobility prediction, deep learning, quantum chemistry/ DFT Ryan Renslow  PNNL
Spectral -library based methods for identifying compounds not in the library Stephen Stein NIST
neural networks for predicting El mass spectra  Jennifer Wei  Google
Integrated Computational and Empirical Tools to address the Metobolomics Grand Challenges of confident Metabolite Identification and increased Depth-of -Coverage LLoyd Sumner  U Missouri
Spectral deconvolution for constructing pure mass spectra for compound ID Xiuxia Du  U North Carolina
Mass Spectrometry Annotation and Analysis at the Repository Scale  Pieter Dorrestein  UC San Diego
MetDNA: Metabolic Reaction Network-based Recursive Metabolite Annotation Zheng-Jiang Zhu Chinese Academy of Science
Predicting retention times, Ecom50, CCS, IR and MSMS spectra David Grant  U Conneticut
Confidence in compound ID: software, databases and tools   Ivana Blazenovic DiscernDX

Health: kidney diseases

Lipidomic Signature of Chronic Kidney Disease Farasad Afshinnia MRC2
Translational Research in Diabetic Kidney Disease,  Sub Pennathur MRC2
Urine Metabolomics Profile in Early CKD Snezana Petrovic MetSoc / Wake Forest
Metabolomics of renal development and acute kidney Injury in premature infants Patrick Brophy MetSoc / U Iowa

Health:   lung diseases

Proteo-metabolomics dissection of small cell lung cancer Jiannong Li MetSoc/ Moffitt
Metabolomics of neonatal pulmonary hypertension Stephen Wedgwood MetSoc/ UC Davis
Metabolomics in human fibroblasts  from Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patients Biao Hu MetSoc / U Michigan
Profiling of downstream metabolites of L-arginine in severe asthmatics  Nicholas Kenyon MetSoc / UC Davis

Health:   obesity, muscle and cardiovascular diseases

Pharmacometabolomics Identifies Acylcarnitines Associated With Beta Blocker Induced Fasting Glucose Alterations Rhonda Cooper-DeHoff MetSoc / U Florida
Metabolite Changes Associated with Obesity and Weight Loss Olivia Osborn MetSoc / UC San Diego
Impact of Muscle Insulin and IGF-1 Signaling on Serum and Muscle Metabolite Profiles Brian O'Neill MetSoc / Joslin Diabetes Ctr
Metabolomics of Blood Pressure Regulation Cristina Menni NIH / King's College London
Metabolomic Analysis of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Brittany Lee-McMullen MetSocc / U Florida

Health: neuronal diseases

Metabolic alterations in patients with Alzheimer's disease Eugenia Trushina MetSoc / Mayo Clinics
The Soluble Epoxide Hydrolase "Omics-Trio" Revealed Potential Treatment Targets for Anorexia Nervosa Pei-an Betty Shih MetSoc / UC San Diego
Untargeted metabolomics to reveal genotype-phenotype correlation in X-linked adrenoleukodystrophy Jaspreet Singh MetSoc/ Detroit
Metabolomic Analysis Reveals PUFA Metabolism in Bipolar Disorder Simon Evans MRC2
Metabolism in Bipolar Disorder Simon Evans MRC2

Health: food and gut microbiota

Metabolomics for food composition and food biomarker analysis David Wishart ILSI NA / U Edmonton
Nutritional Metabolomics to Identify Biomarkers of Dietary Patterns and Specific Diet Exposures Mary Playdon NIH / NCI
Systemic metabolic impact of early-life microbiota disruption Laura Cox MetSoc / Harvard
Resistance Against Clostridium difficile in the Large Intestine Casey Theroit MRC2

Health: other areas

PUFA Case Study on Targeted Metabolomics Charles Burant MRC2
Using Metabolomics to Assess Drug Response Phenotypes Oliver Fiehn U Minnesota / UC Davis
Genetics meets metabolomics: From association to translation Karsten Suhre NIH / Qatar
Glycolysis, cancer and metabolomics James Watson Web of Stories 
Metabolomic Profiling of Early Events in Retinal Degeneration Ellen Weiss MetSoc / UNC Chapel Hill

Grand challenges in metabolomics

Large-scale, confident metabolite identification  Lloyd W. Sumner PAMM-net
Metabolomics databases and computational infrastructures  Oliver Fiehn,
Pieter Dorrestein
Temporal and spatial accumulation of metabolites  John McLean ,
Pieter Dorrestein
Standardization of metabolomics workflows Lloyd W. Sumner PAMM-net
Sensitivity, dynamic range, depth-of-coverage  Liang Li PAMM-net
Cost, throughput and data comparability  Philip Britz-McKibbin PAMM-net
Large-scale quantification and flux A. Daniel Jones PAMM-net