Survey Results 2021

Three surveys were sent out to the MANA membership earlier this year. These surveys were meant to (1) determine the types of metabolomics research being performed amongst the membership, (2) assess training and membership needs, particularly amongst our early career researchers, and (3) determine the overall needs of the MANA membership. These surveys will enable MANA to offer activities that are best suited to the interests of the membership while also strengthening sponsor collaborations. The results of these surveys are summarized below:

Survey 1 – Determining the types of metabolomics research performed amongst the MANA membership

Survey 2 – Gauging training, mentoring, career development, and mental health needs of trainees, and the role of supervisors or other mentors in addressing these needs.

Survey 3 – Assessing the metabolomics needs of the MANA membership

Survey Results - 1

Survey Results - 2

Survey Results - 3