Support to organize your own metabolomics events

The MANA board is pleased to offer support for your own metabolomics workshop, symposium or conference.
Please, contact us if you would like us to help you for your event! 


  1. Mass email to all MANA members
  2. Mass email to corresponding authors of scientific publications in a specific time period and on a specific topic (e.g. disease area)
  3. Hosting or organizing financial aspects of your event (e.g. registrations)
  4. Giving modest financial support to your event
  5. Finding venues for your event, in case you would like to hold it in a different location than your own.
  6. Advising on organizational aspects including catering, booklets, abstract submissions, speakers, accommodations, prints.
  7. Once your event is endorsed by MANA, members will be able to apply for modest travel support.

In return for our help, MANA would like to be displayed as sponsor of the event by a powerpoint slide (including logo, internet address, email) and announcement by the event organizer.