This interest group is chaired & founded by Arpana Vaniya, Ph.D. First established in Nov 2019, WomiX had their first social mixer with ECM during the 1st annual MANA conference.

The WomiX committee includes Stephanie Bishop, Ph.D., Candice Z. Ulmer, Ph.D., Maryam Goudarzi, Ph.D., Alice Dalo, Christina Jones, Ph.D., Isin Tuna Sakallioglu, Ivana Blazenovic, Ph.D., and Susan Murch, Ph.D.

Mission Statement:

WomiX was established to promote the professional development and engagement of womxn in Metabolomics by creating a sense of community and providing opportunities for networking and mentorship. WomiX is committed to the advancement of womxn in Metabolomics.

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Upcoming Events:

  • Our next IOS will be part of this year's MANA2021 Interactive Forum lineup, check out MANA2021 conference schedule 
    • IOS Seminar “Best Practices for Effective Science Communication”
    • Tuesday, October 19, 2021 from 12-1 pm ET, Link coming soon
    • Science communication is an important transferable skill for all researchers at any career stage. We’ll hear strategies on effectively communicating our strengths as scientists and the importance of our research findings from experts in both the fields of metabolomics as well as science communication.
    • Panelist include:

Currently on-going:

  • WomiX Mentorship Program

Past Events:

  • WomiX Women's Week to Celebrate Women's History Month (March 8th-12th)
    • Networking Event (March 12, 2021)
  • Images of Success Seminar Series:
    • Feb 17, 2021 on "Academia to Industry."
    • Apr 23, 2021 on "The good, the bad, and the ugly of working in a metabolomics core"
    • Jun 25, 2021 on “Ask anything from A to Z: Ph.D. students from metabolomics labs.”
    • Aug 25, 2021 on “Tackling the Seen and Unforeseen Challenges of Publishing”